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The Greatest Betrayal
~ The Greatest Betrayal ~
(inspired by a true story)
Your core is so delightful to my eyes
Like colorful feathered angels who fly high above
Close, and yet an untouchable love
I reach carelessly into your guise
Powerful desire controls me and my views
Your inviting qualities were all but a ruse
Caught despite the promise of a simple prize
It's not a reward to find all your words to be lies
Your shell is thirsty and your mouth a blade
All my lost blood makes my love for you fade
To mask the pain I must become a vicious painter
All because of that damn peanut container!
:iconlolfox24:LolFox24 4 0
Foxy :iconlolfox24:LolFox24 20 7 The Prince of All Cosmos :iconlolfox24:LolFox24 23 4 Shovel Knight: With Belenus + LolFox :iconlolfox24:LolFox24 2 0 Bloom :iconlolfox24:LolFox24 16 6 Stargazing :iconlolfox24:LolFox24 12 6 Disintegration :iconlolfox24:LolFox24 3 2
The Shout of Infinity
All I could hear was ringing…
As if there had been an explosion, but, I felt no fire on my skin. I felt no shockwave to push me back. No blast tore me apart. The force of the explosion had gone through my shell, through my world, but stayed in the core. It was the perfect place to feed chaos.
Three children were there, in a darkly lit room; a room from the past. I was one of those children. The two others stood tall and thought they knew best. Their shadows were more memorable than their faces, showing more emotion than the generic expression they had worn in previous days. One was in the shape of a man and the other, a woman. A large gap between them, both were closer to me than to each other. Maybe they had been pushed by the blast?
In the past I remember them as lions. It’s as if they were sparking a silent fuse, but, now the bomb had finally blown. I was not prepared for it at all. Their cuffs were broken, and their hearts spoke louder than they could p
:iconlolfox24:LolFox24 3 7
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Merry deviantART day! I'm not just writing this for a silly badge, who do you think I am!? o.o
No! I am writing a not-so-special story about a silly lil' foxy in a boxy who wears the colorful mismatched socks..
There must be someone out there who wondered how he got those amazing socks, and that, that right there is what my story is about! (just kidding, turns out, is not at all x3)
...oh, and ish about art too I guess. ;3

Helium by LolFox24

It all began on a cold winter day, (I live in Canada, ish always a cold wintery day btw) a lone foxy sat with only the comfort of his scarf, and the company of his shadow.
The bridge was broken, all the desired options were closed for this fox. He could either head back to where he came from, or, follow the way of his shadow; fall to become flat and lifeless.
But.. he then thought about his scarf, such a small thing brings so much comfort to him, while the large world itself is almost trying to kill him.
How could the bright colors of his scarf shine through the cold and darkness?

Instead of listening to his meanie shadow, he decided to head back and go to where he had came from.
He did not even regret that he had went to the bridge, after all, he now has a purpose in life; to understand the secrets of the scarf! :dummy:
He adventured through mysterious places with his scarfy. He took risks and went through difficult challenges in attempt to unlock the secrets of the wondrous scarf.

Into The Cave by LolFox24

One day, he finds a friendly raccoon. Someone who provided much laughs and happiness to the silly fox.
It looked like she was exhausted though, no doubt she has a tough past just like he does.
Fox has never really helped anyone before, let alone tried to communicate with them.
The situation made him feel rather anxious, giving him the urge to tighten his scarfy for comfort... That caused him to look at scarf in astonishment!

Scarf Sharing by LolFox24

His precious scarf was the answer! It brought comfort to not only one, but two peoples! It was amazing and mind blowing. (just wait though, the story gets better later, just wait!)
Foxy asked his scarf with joy: "Scarf, how yew do this? ^w^"
Sadly, there was no reply from scarf.  So, of course, Foxy understood that perhaps scarf was just shy. :3
Scarf was such a small silly little thing in the universe, and yet it brought so much comfort. It gave Fox hope.

*kaboom!* < is a sound, for dramatic effect :3

Fox's raccoon friend.. is gone!!
*crackle crackle thunder noises*
Is was a time of great pain, and had made Fox lose all hope. He was isolated once again and freezing, and his shadow tried his efforts to comfort him..
Not even his scarf could bring comforts, nothing could be the way it was before, everything was truly lost!

Luckily his cries were heard by someone on the mysterious and artsy land of deviantART! (dun worry, I haven't forgotten about you, silly website ;3)
This person, this.. "Krazie" Kat, came and told Foxy everything would be ok.
Foxy wasn't sure if he could believe her, and he most definitely wasn't sure what made this person "krazie".

Black Ribbon Fox by LolFox24

Foxy did get better though, and stopped listening to evil shadow once more.
Though, it must have took much time before what Kat had said to really be understood by him, and, one day, Foxy picked up his old abandoned scarf and wondered..

This one person went out of her way to help this silly Foxy in his time of need. She had brought comfort and warmth during the cold.
She was just like the scarf, her brightness shined through the cold and darkness.
Maybe.. we are all like scarves, trying to keep our threads together, and bringing comfort to whoever needs it most.
It made Fox remember of times with his raccoon friend, was it really the scarf bringing comfort to her, or was the comfort simply brought by a silly fox with the desire to helps?
Fox can be like a scarf.. he ish fluffy after all, and.. he does have a tail he can share..

Foxy began to search out for others, those who were isolated and in need of comforts.
He tried to give hope to those he had found, just as scarfy did, and with that became something that he could only describe as a family. :3
A family of scarves, always willing to keep each other warm, heheh :3

LolFox Portrait by LolFox24
^ ish super happy fox :3

And now to end things like every single Disney movie ever would, with romance:
Stargazing by LolFox24
Foxy ended up finding love! Yesh! :3
(I know, I'm surprised as you are o.o)

The end, that's it. Thanks for reading my silly story with the bad grammar. :3

I wanna thank a few people before you stop reading! Don't you dare go away! >w<

:iconthekraziesreside: Kat: Thank you for being there for me, and helping me through the awful times~ I feel that I owe so much to you. :3
:iconniiishyu: TK: Thank you, you are so kind, is most definitely an honor to calls you family. :3
:iconkajjythelynx: Kajjy: Thank you for giving me so much love and motivating me~ You are so important in my life and I'm glad that you are here. <3
Belenus: Thank you so so much for being there for me cousin, even despite the past, you were still caring enough to forgive this silly fox and continue to treat him like a brother.
(Though you might not end up reading this, because I'm shy as hell X3)
Fang: Thank you for helping me through rough times. Sometimes you don't seem to feel like you had helped, but I don't think I'd be here without you. :'3
Lexsene: Thank you for.. honestly starting a new and better life for fox. I had felt so alone before you came, I thank you so so much. :3

Bloom by LolFox24


LolFox24's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
*scribble* *scribble*

Fox says hello!
*He puts down his scribble pen, and prepares his words with much devotion.*

..Ok, Fox will give this a go.
His favourite art are ones that show the most emotion.
But anything silly, amazing, or just heart melting will definitely be added to his favourites collection.
Please share with Fox your own art!
Especially if it's close to your heart.

Fox is an artist as well!
A career in art is perhaps what Fox should pursue.
He likes to think of it as an area where he can excel.

Some pictures may appear to be blue,
But there are happy ones too!
With his art, he likes to experiment.
Logic, and common sense are sometimes irrelevant.

Don't be afraid of Fox, he won't put you down.
Fox is not immoral.
More times than not, he'll act like a clown.

Fox can be shy like a turtle,
Or sometimes as crazy as a squirrel.
Whatever he is, he's glad that he's here,
To share and view people's art that were crafted with care.

Fox welcomes all of you, new friends.
So why not join Fox, and be excited around the clock?
He is always sorry, if he ever offends.

Put on a scarf, let's go for a walk.
We can sing all day, then sit down, have a talk.

Though boredom has caused Fox to rhyme,
Hopefully it wasn't a waste of your time. X3

...Oh yeah! Llamas are great too. :-D

*continues to scribble*

My avatar was drawn by this amazing deviant: :iconmeeka-moo:

Skype: LolFox24
KiK: LolFox24


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